Target audience for the family constellation training

These training courses are for people who want to learn how to apply systemic understanding or constellation work in the context of their own profession, or activities. Broadly, their are two categories of participants in the training (follow the links to read the detail):

  1. People who work with people and who want to offer family constellations to support their clients, students, or patients.
  2. People who want to deepen their understanding of the dynamics in families, in groups and in society.

Prerequisites for participation

Family constellations are new in Japan, as in most countries. No professional association has been created in Japan yet. So there are no professional or legal prerequisites or limitations for creating a practice as a family constellation facilitator. Therefore, there are no formal prerequisites that you must satisfy to participate as a student.

We need motivated students in the training group, who are eager to learn. Therefore, we would like to know how you intend to use the knowledge and understanding of systemic work in your (personal or professional) activities. Therefore we will have an admission interview with you before the training starts.

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