Target audience — people who work with people

If you work with people, you may want to participate in these training courses to learn to:

  1.   facilitate family constellations in a group setting
  2.   apply systemic concepts when working with groups (e.g., as a social worker)
  3.   use systemic concepts in individual sessions (as counselor or therapist)
  4.   use systemic understanding to support parents and children (as a teacher)
  5.   use systemic concepts in schools (as a school counselor)
  6.   use constellations to bring closure for elderly people in hospices
  7.   use family constellations in thematic workshops (e.g., money workshops)
  8.   use systemic understanding for spiritual support (e.g., if you are a monk)
  9.   use family constellations for groups of prisoners (as a prison counselor)
  10. understand the systemic background of symptoms and illnesses
  11. use family constellations as part of treating sleeping disorders
  12. use family constellations in an addiction clinic
  13. use family constellations for anxiety problems, etc.

These are just examples. There may be many other ways in which you could us systemic concepts or apply constellation work in your field of work.

When facilitating family constellations in a group setting, the group may be an open group for the general public, however, more usually it is a group of people that you already work with. For example, your therapy clients, or your counseling clients, or a group of parents and their children, or a support group for parents with hikikomori children, or a group of patients (if you are a doctor), or a group of employees of a client company (if you are a business consultant) , etc.

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