Learning to apply systemic work in many contexts

Bert Terpstra (1949, The Netherlands) and Hisako Morioka (1955, Japan) offer family constellation training in Japan for students who want to learn to facilitate family constellations, and also for students who want to deepen their understanding of the systemic dynamics in families, in groups and in society. See the target audience for more details. See our other website for a description of family constellations.

This website is a detailed prospectus of this training.

There are three training courses of one year each. In these training courses you acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a family constellation facilitator.

  • Basic Training — with emphasis on knowledge
  • Intermediate Training — with emphasis on skills
  • Advanced Training — with emphasis on attitudes

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See the training program for what we will teach in the trainings.
See the practical information for the schedule, location, costs, group size and other details about the trainings, and other important practical information.

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At present no Basic Training has been scheduled.