The second large area of learning is skills. A skill is the expression of internalized and digested knowledge and life experience, that crystalized into an ability to act effectively in certain situations.

Skills may take many years to acquire. Our capacity grows with our life experiences. When we have not yet acquired certain skills, that does not mean that we cannot yet do constellation work. Every one of us has unique talents and we all get the clients that we are ready for. Usually, clients for which we are not yet ready will sense that and will not come to us. But if they do come, we need to be aware of our limitations and yet be willing to go into the unknown and work with them anyway. All of us have limitations. We acquire our skills through doing the work — we cannot wait with the work until we are ready for any issue, because we need to do the work to grow in it.

We distinguish five levels of skills:

  1. Mental skills
  2. Contacting skills
  3. Sensing skills
  4. Skills of perception
  5. Energetic skills

The distinction between 'sensing skills' and 'skills of perception' is that when you use your sensing skills, information comes up in you in the form of an (energetic) feeling. When you use your skills of perception, information comes up in you in the form of an image, an insight, or an idea.

In the training these skills will be developed through exercises and through receiving feedback on facilitation of parts of constellations.

How to use the five levels of skills in the initial interview

The five levels of skills are involved in both the initial interview and in guiding the constellation. Here we give an indication of how they are used in the interview that leads into the constellation. 

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