Hisako Morioka (1955)

Hisako Morioka has a refined and developed perceptiveness. Nothing escapes her attention. Just by looking at a client she will perceive the core issue underneath the difficulties that this person experiences. Minute body postures tell her more about the client than a long story told.

Seeing so much, understanding so much, and also through her own life experiences, she has developed a great compassion for the people around her, for her clients, for their difficulties. Clients feel safe and understood by her — and they are.

In her work, Hisako Morioka brings in a sparkling inventiveness and originality. Her interventions are often spontaneous and seem to come from another dimension. When she facilitates constellations or during her private sessions she will do things that no one else would think of, that are unusual and out of the blue, and very often it is exactly the intervention that suddenly brings total clarity, that breaks through an impasse and leads towards resolution.

Her greatest asset, however, is the space she creates. Through her presence she creates and holds a space of safety, focus, concentration, openness and attention. As a result the work reaches great depth and intensity.

October 2013, Bert Terpstra

Résumé of Hisako Morioka (1955)

Hisako Morioka studied pharmacy (Japan, 1977) and psychology (USA, 1997).
She worked as a pharmacist in several hospitals in the period 1977-1995.
She completed a four-year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (1997-2001).
She studied Somatic Experiencing trauma healing work with Peter Levine in the USA (1998-2000) and is a certified SE-practitioner since 2000.
In 1999 she created the iami Holistic Health Institute for her practice for counseling, trauma healing (SE Work), and family constellations.
Since 2002 she is a member of an ongoing study group on Seitai.
Since 2003 she followed family constellation facilitator training and intensives in the USA, in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Hisako Morioka