Bert Terpstra

Bert has a clear, open mind. He thinks in an interesting way, captivating, inspiring and often surprising. When we talk about a topic that fascinates us, he does not have opinions beforehand, instead a joint inquiry emerges between us that leads us to new insights.

What is for me most remarkable, is how his mind penetrates issues, how he comes to insights about himself and then decides what needs to be done and subsequently is able to transform those decisions into action. He does this for himself and for anything and anybody that concerns him.

This ability to think and act is grounded in, and guided by, a highly developed energetic awareness. Bert can empty himself, is in service, patient, persevering, dedicated and precise. His work with family constellations benefits from this. He has a large inner space, is mild and allowing, and he has an inner force that flows in and around him. This force does not so much connect to sympathy or antipathy, rather with truth and reality; with what is right and with beauty and quality.

Bert can be and act in not-knowing. Therefore, he will move in a constellation without ideas, as long as needed, until a direction or focus is revealed. His actions are not colored by willpower or uneasiness.

All these qualities and abilities are with him and come along with him and as a result, when he works with constellations, a field opens in which will happen what needs to happen and becomes visible what wants to be seen. A field in which can unfold what wants to unfold, and will be healed what can be healed at that moment in that constellation.

July 2012, Maria Daniëls

Résumé of Bert Terpstra (1949)

Bert Terpstra studied mathematics and after that worked at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University (1968-1976).
He worked at Shell Research on computer methods for finding oil (1978-1996).
He also studied philosophy of science and was the editor of the posthumous book "Conquest of Abundance" by the well-known philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend, published in 1999.
In 2000-2001 he led a company with 55 employees through bankruptcy to a successful restart.
From 2002 he has dedicated himself to leading family constellations and since 2010 he has given training in family constellations.

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Bert Terpstra