Working with abstracts, entities and references

In constellations we sometimes introduce representatives for abstracts and entities, and to represent an unknown person.

Abstracts that are an aspect of reality:

  1.   death
  2.   life
  3.   fate
  4.   destiny
  5.   time
  6.   facts
  7.   truth

Sometimes it is helpful to introduce a representative for a specific fact, such as, for example, "the war is over" (when a family member still emotionally lives in the war).

The following are abstracts that are a quality of ourselves that can function as a resource for the the client:

  1.   strength
  2.   courage
  3. integrity
  4. truthfulness
  5. love
  6. etc.

You will learn how to work with representatives for abstracts in constellations. They can sometimes focus the issue, or bring movement, or bring out a key event, or make clear which inner movement the client needs to make.

There is another category of non-personal representatives, called "entities". Examples of entities are:

  1. a country or nationality
  2. an ethnicity or ethnic group
  3. a religion or belief
  4. a culture
  5. the history of a nation or of a people
  6. etc.

You will learn how entities can be used to resolve issues that are connected to larger systems than the family system. 

Representatives for an abstract or entity often change into a person during their representation. You will learn to recognize when this happens. One of the purposes of introducing an abstract in a constellation is to create a channel into which that what needs to be seen can appear: a person, or an event.

References are representatives that are designated by their role in what happened In the family.

Examples of references are:

  1. "the person who is responsible for what happened"
  2. "that which is pulling the client back"
  3. "that which is in the way of success"
  4. "that which is needed to be able to move forward"
  5. etc.

You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using references.

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