Respecting the boundaries of the family system

When the field of the family is not respected, the effect might be more serious than that the facilitator gives a bad or disappointing experience to the client. In fact, the facilitator himself/herself may be at risk. In the least it may lead to exhaustion of the facilitator. It may even risk his or her physical and mental health. Therefore the trainers will give careful attention to:

  1.   how to work with family secrets
  2.   having or not having permission to explore the systemic background of a family member of the client
  3.   entering the field of ancestors
  4.   stopping a constellation when you sense you may not go further
  5.   when empathy for the client may be dangerous for the facilitator
  6.   how doing a constellation out of curiosity (without a clear need) may be risky
  7.   how a burden of the client may shift to another family member (or even to the facilitator) if it is not properly dealt with.

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