How to guide a constellation

To facilitate a family constellation you need knowledge about the following topics and you need to have the skills to do the following things in a constellation:

  1.   basic sequence in a constellation
  2.   possible interventions
  3.   working with words and sentences
  4.   interpreting the spatial pattern
  5.   reading postures and movements
  6.   how to develop a constellation
  7.   sensing and perceiving the field
  8.   finding/recognizing the entanglement
  9.   procedures/rituals to bring resolution
  10. instructing/protecting representatives

A constellation only has power if it is developed from the experiences, body sensations, movements, impulses and other information that come from the representatives, combined with the factual information provided by the client. If interventions are not based on this, but instead rely on ideas and assumptions, or previous cases and experience of the facilitator, then the interventions tend to diffuse the clarity of the constellation and hence make it more difficult to bring out the specific event that lies behind the issue of the client.

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