Exercise groups

The students are expected to form two or three (regional) exercise groups that come together between the training blocks to exercise constellation work. If the members of an exercise group live in the same region, then the exercise group may meet once a month for a day, or for a morning, afternoon, or evening. If they live far apart, they may decide to meet only once between two training blocks for a whole weekend.

In the exercise groups the students will work together on exercises, and on facilitating family constellations for each other. The intention of the members of the exercise group is not to help each other with the difficulties they experience in life, although that might be an additional result. The focus of the exercise group is on learning, not on helping. The primary purpose of the exercise group is to give feedback on each others work. To make suggestions for what could be improved and how.

In the exercise group the students also focus on the feedback that was given by the teachers and they may together design exercises to work on those areas. Thus they help each other to improve specific learning points.

These exercise groups are intended to become intervision groups after the training courses are completed. So in principle they continue to exist after the training. Then the issues brought by the participants will shift from personal issues to professional issues, such as difficulties to work with a particular client, or with particular issues. In the training you will learn how to use constellations for such professional issues.

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Exercise Groups