Total days spent in training, internship and exercise groups

Each training (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) takes a year, and consists of:

training:   9 days per year (three training blocks of three days each);
internship:   6 days or more per year in at least three of the trainers' public workshops;
exercise groups: 56 hours or more per year in exercise group meetings between training blocks

56 hours is equivalent to 8 days. So the total time spent per year is 23 days or more. See the Missing days page about the minimum requirement to get the certificate.

The 56 hours in exercise groups can be planned according to the agenda's of group members and the locations where exercise they live. At least 21 hours should be planned between the first and the second block, another 21 hours between the second and the third block and the remaining (14) hours after the third block of the training.

The 21 hours between the first and second block could be planned as:

  • 6 half days or evenings of 3½ hours each;
  • 3 whole days of 7 hours each;
  • 1 whole day and 1 weekend.

An exercise group might also plan in total four weekends.

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Days in Training