Number of students

To achieve a high quality of learning, a lively interchange and to be able to give enough individual attention, we have set a minimum and a maximum to the number of students in the training.

Number of students:

For the Basic Training:
For the Intermediate Training:
For the Advanced Training:
For the Practice Training:





Please Note

If there are not enough students after the Basic Training who want to take the Intermediate Training, then the students may need to wait until the next run of the Basic Training has been given, and then the students of both runs, who are interested to take the Intermediate Training, will be combined in a single training group.

It may happen that after a training some students might not satisfy the criteria that are required for a certificate. If such students want to get the certificate they may be required to repeat their participation. Such repeaters are not counted in the maximum number of students mentioned above. They come on top of that maximum.

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