Admission interview

We would like to learn about you, especially about how you want to use this systemic work in your life and/or work and about your motivation to follow this training course. Therefore we will have an admission interview with you before the training starts.

For participation in the training no specific prior education or professional training is required, as people from many different backgrounds can benefit from this training in their work, or in their activities.

Instead of requiring prior education or training we will use the admission interview also to establish whether the training is suitable for what you would like to achieve, and to establish whether their might be any reason to advice against your participation.

Within 2–3 days after the interview the trainers will let you know whether or not you are admitted in the training.

Therefore, after your registration we will contact you to schedule the admission interview. This interview will be held in Japanese. We will conduct this interview via Skype, if possible. If you cannot use Skype, we will use a cheap telephone connection between the Netherlands and Japan.

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