Constellations for special cases

You will learn different procedures that are used for specific issues, such as for:

  1.   disease
  2.   trauma
  3.   issues around masculinity/femininity
  4.   relationship issues
  5.   difficult children
  6.   issues at the working environment
  7.   issues involving multiple countries
  8.   issues involving religion
  9.   money issues
  10. anxiety, fear
  11. difficulty to find a partner
  12. difficulty to get children
  13. addiction
  14. domestic violence
  15. etc.

You will also learn how to work in constellations with:

  1. perpetrators and victims
  2. conflict and reconciliation

And you will learn how to work in constellations with any of the basic dynamics mentioned under Systemic Dynamics. This learning will start in the Basic Training and will continue and deepen in the Intermediate and Advanced training.

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Special Cases