How to work with the client and with the field of the client's family

  1.   Supporting the client with resources
  2.   Keeping contact with the client and with other participants while working with the constellation
  3.   Respecting the boundaries of the client and of the representatives
  4.   Holding the space by the facilitator and by the circle of participants

A facilitator needs to divide his attention over everything that is going on during the constellation. So the facilitator needs to keep an eye on the client to see his/her connection to the process, and to see whether the client needs to be supported. The facilitator also needs to keep observing the circle of participants, as sometimes they spontaneously begin to represent some family member who needs to be seen in the constellation.

Respecting boundaries means not to go further with the constellation than the client can let in, not to open up issues that the client did not explicitly asked for or gave permission for. Not to expose family secrets when the field of the family seems not to allow that. Not to demand of representatives to say things that they feel are not right.

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